Landscape Maintenance

At Deppisch Maintenance, we recognize that reliability and superior service are necessary to maintain a beautiful landscape. Meeting your expectations is our number one goal. Whether it’s professionally mowing your lawn or maintaining your beds we are here to take care of all your landscape needs. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers by customizing a maintenance program to meet your needs. Let Deppisch bring your landscape to life.




Spring Cleanup

With Spring Cleanup service it is time to say good bye to winter and revitalize your landscape in preparation of the growing season ahead. Leaves, branches, and debris are removed from beds and turf area. Matted turf is lifted. Remaining perennials and ornamental grasses will be cut down and removed. At this time we also inspect your landscape for any damage that may have been caused to your landscape over the winter and make recommendations. Performing this service in the early spring is recommended as the best starting point for a beautiful landscape.

Lawn Mowing
Having a hard time keeping a regular lawn mowing schedule, but want a lawn with a professional edge? Take advantage of our lawn mowing services, which includes cutting and trimming for a crisp appearance. We mow the grass to the appropriate height; remove debris and unsightly grass clippings from your driveways and hardscape areas.
Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control
Lawn fertilization and Weed Control can be as personal as deciding what shrubs to plant in your beds. With that thought we can tailor a program to meet each individual homeowners needs. Just like your lawn not every homeowners taste are the same. One might want the golf course look all summer long, while another just wants to keep the weeds under control without having to cut the grass all the time. Whatever your tastes maybe we can help.

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